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Milton Keynes Indoor Golf School


One of the best ways of improving your golf through the winter months is visiting Luther Blacklock's Indoor golf school in Milton Keynes.


If you are serious about taking your game to the next level as I was I would definitely recommend contacting \visiting Master PGA Professional Luther Blacklock you will find him a sound investment. Luther is a well-respected as a Master Teaching Professional in the golfing world and has attended clinics with the likes of Butch Harmon who also endorsed the Explanar. 

I first went to Luther some 4 years ago stuck on a handicap of 9 and lacking consistency across my game. Whilst my club professional at the time helped me achieve my handicap over the years I felt I was treading water.

Luther’s indoor facility at Milton Keynes features a state of the art GC2 simulator and allows me to have lessons 12 months of the year which I am convinced has  contributed to my new found consistency and me shooting my lowest ever scores in the past 2 years and now knocking on the door of a handicap of 5. Like many amateurs we all try to find that key that will unlock our true potential and having been to a number of other good teaching Professionals over the years Luther’s teaching fundamentals are simple, easy to follow, fill you with confidence and produce results. In addition to the regular lessons I also subscribe to the website giving me access to over 50 video lessons which act as a great refresher.

Having Luther as a coach is like having 16 clubs in your bag !!

Andy Riddle

"Through a combination of an incredibly deep understanding of the fundamentals of the game and an innate talent to communicate, I believe Luther offers his pupils a truly insightful and world class coaching experience"


Alastair Archibald

PGA Head Professional

Hadley Wood G.C.

Alastair Archibald

I have been working with Luther now for the past 15 months.

I had previously been getting  lessons from a different coach but felt that my game was not improving at the speed at which I would like. I had heard about Luther and had been told he was the best in the business.. I thought I had to give him a try!

When I started with Luther, I had a handicap of 19. I now play of a 12 and I’m continuing to progress. I am hoping to get to a single figure handicap this year and I’m confident with Luther’s guidance I can achieve this.

If there is one word that can describe Luther’s approach it is simplicity. Removing all of the confusing thoughts about your swing which undoubtedly can effect your game for the worse when you are on the course. Decluttering my mind helped me massively, now I have a simple thought process which has given my confidence a real boost.

I hit the ball longer, my ball striking is much more consistent and most importantly on the occasions when I do have a bad day I have a simple process to bring my game back, so my bad days are now just a bit off as opposed to a complete disaster!!

Luther’s custom golf facility is amazing and you get to work on every part of your game from Putting, right through to Driving. You manage to get so much achieved in an hour which I don’t think you can get just hitting balls at a driving range.  I have now referred a number of my friends who were struggling with their games and they all feel the same. They have all improved noticeably since working with Luther.

I cannot recommend Luther enough. He has completely transformed my game. My only regret is that I didn’t start seeing him sooner.

David Newton

David Newton