There are so many golf adages and one-off tips that can ensnare a novice golfer. These gems of wisdom, from more experienced golfers, are said by means of encouragement – sadly, all too often, these “pearls” turn out to be little bits of poison.

Let’s start with the classic – “Keep your head still”. Well, my 96-year-old Granny is brilliant at keeping her head still, and she has never hit a golf ball! Not even the best players in the world are able to fully coil and rotate without a couple of inches of head movement. The fact of the matter is this – a stable head during the golf swing is the result of a great movement – NOT the cause of one.

If you move laterally with a sway, or worse tilt your spine, the head is going to move sideways or downwards. However, if you acquire the motor skill of rotation around a constant spine angle, the result is that the head will remain stable during the golf swing. Trying to play golf with an absolutely “still head” is like trying to ride a bicycle without wobbling – it can’t be done! Practising, with your feet and knees touching, is a great way of learning to coil and uncoil around a centred axis. Now you can use your head for thinking, rather than “keeping it still!”

Moving on, “If you swing slowly you’ll be more accurate”. Disaster! All that happens is you won’t go as far into the trees. I never tell a pupil to slow their swing down – they’d just be slow and bad rather than quick and bad! It doesn’t matter greatly whether you swing slowly or quickly; what does matter is how fully you coil the body going back and how much you then control the club in the Through-swing. Again, your best tempo will be the result of a functional golf swing and not the cause of one. In dance, we learn the steps and then we learn the timing – same in golf, the swing motion is learnt before the timing is perfected.

If you had asked me 7 years ago, “what happens to a golfer’s dispersion the farther they hit it?” I would have said that the dispersion would widen. Now, after 7 years using @Foresight Sports Golf Simulator – I hold a different view; the more powerfully a pupil hits the ball, the tighter the dispersion! I know that sounds crazy, but I’m convinced it is true – you cannot trade Power for Accuracy!

Try this, hit 90 shots with any club, the longer the better. Then cherry pick the 30 strongest and then the 30 weakest. You will find that the dispersion of the 30 strongest shots will be considerably tighter than the 30 weakest shots.

So – we cannot say that “accuracy” guarantees distance, but we can say that our strongest shots will lead us to become more accurate!

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