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The EXPLANAR GOLF & FITNESS TRAINING is used in over 60 countries by Teaching Professionals and golfers of every level. Designed by Luther Blacklock, Explanar is the most complete golf training system in the world: it benefits the following groups of golfers:


  1. BEGINNERS & JUNIORS– Explanar trains beginners in the same way training wheels, or stabilisers teach a child to ride a bicycle. It works simply and quickly, creating success and confidence in pupils coming to golf for the first time.
  2. ESTABLISHED GOLFERS – Explanar overrides old swing “faults” by rapidly establishing more functional swing movements. It simplifies the intellectual process by “Turning Swing Thoughts into Swing Feelings”.
  3. TOUR PROS & ELITE PLAYERS – Golfers at the highest level are often the most ingrained when it comes to effecting change. In just 10 minutes a day, a player can make around 200 swing movements in Explanar, safe in the knowledge they are working in the way intended.
  4. TEACHING PROFESSIONALS – P.G.A. Teaching Pros across the globe use Explanar. Whatever a Teacher’s doctrine, Explanar adjusts to make the pupil feel the exact movement their coach is trying to explain. I’m immensely proud that so many gifted and vocational teachers use and endorse Explanar. Peter Cowen, Martin Hall, Dr. Jim Suttie, Jim McLean, Butch Harmon all use Explanar at their facilities.
  5. FITNESS TRAINERS – Explanar is used by hundreds of “Golf Specific” Fitness Trainers. It works all the golfing muscle groups in the most effective way. At 26 U.S. Military Rehab units across America, soldiers who have lost one or both legs in combat, use Explanar to regain their balance and rotational motor skills.



  Seymour Dunn 1928                             Mr. Ben Hogan 1957

EXPLANAR was invented and designed by Luther Blacklock after more than 30 years’ experience teaching golf and studying the biomechanics of golf swing movement. The concept of “Swing Plane” was established in the 1920’s by Seymour Dunn in Lake Placid, New York. More famously, Mr. Ben Hogan, in his seminal book, “The Modern Fundamentals of Golf”, gave us an amazing image of a large pane of glass resting on his shoulders.

 This yellow line represents the Optimum bio-mechanical Swing Plane. 


EXPLANAR’S ADJUSTABLE UPPER HOOP – Luther realised that a golfer’s ideal swing plane ran from the ball at Address and up through the upper sternum. This discovery led him to declare the OPTIMUM BIOMECHANICAL SWING PLANE (O.B.S.P.).

 The O.B.S.P. varies with every golfer and every club. The angle of Explanar‘s upper hoop needs to be totally adjustable according to a golfers height and proportions. Not only that, Explanar must be adjusted according to the length of club being simulated. Explanar does not demand you swing exactly in OBSP – rather it acts as a constant reference point throughout the swing.

EXPLANAR’S “POWER ROLLER” – the Power Roller is heavily weighted in order to train and stretch the body. “Muscle memory” is not a truly scientific phrase, but it does convey the idea that swinging the Power Roller correctly will override old swing habits and establish new ones.

The POWER ROLLER slips and slides as it swings back and through; this means Explanar DOES NOT teach a constant, single, one plane swing (unless you want it to). If you observe the journey of the tip of the Power Roller, it describes a mild figure of eight. Explanar’s upper hoop may be in a single plane but the Power Roller allows enough “Plane Shift” to deal with all shots and swing types.

EXPLANAR’S “PLANE FIN” – the crescent shaped flat surface that runs around the top of Explanar’s Upper Hoop is highly significant. It ensures that a golfer sets the whole of the golf club “in plane” during the last part of the Backswing. This principal holds true for almost all backswing techniques. However, at the end of the Follow Through, the Power Roller may or may not be resting on the Plane Fin – depending on the type of shot being simulated.

EXPLANAR’S “RADIAL STANCE” MAT – Luther declared the “Radial” Ball Position after another drawing in Mr. Hogan’s “Modern Fundamentals”. In the summary, there is a small diagram by Anthony Ravielli depicting Mr. Hogan’s ball position at address. It appears he employed a “CONSTANT” ball position; in fact, Mr. Hogan used a “PROGRESSIVE” ball position. Explanar’s “RADIAL” Stance Mat transforms our understanding of Ball Position, particularly when it comes to hitting “Draw” or “Fade” shots.

EXPLANAR is a combination of four key components:



EXPLANAR is very easy to use – adjust angle of the Upper Hoop to your height and proportion, using the “Plane Sensor” (included).

Then, build your swing in just 3 simple stages.

By using the EXPLANAR GOLF & FITNESS TRAINING SYSTEM, for only a few minutes every day, you will radically simplify your understanding of the golf swing and develop a real feel for your best swing movement.

Let EXPLANAR improve your swing, you concentrate on your game!


If you want to purchase an Expanar system we are selling three different golf training aids, the Explanar Home Golf Training Aid the Explanar Professional Teaching Aid and the Explanar Junior Golf Training Aid


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